How things work, features, secret tips and institutions for DocNews

DocNews is so much more than a virtual magazine. It can earn you CME2 credits just for staying up to date and helps you be more organized.

How things work

How sign up works: Sign up takes one minute with DocNews. Enter your name and state, select your profile, check that we have your specialty correct, and select your institution if we have it listed. You will be provided a number of journals and news items that most physicians in your specialty read. You can add more in the sign up process or later. Press done, that's it.

How using DocNews works: Open the app. Swipe to read more. Tap on any article abstract to see more of that article. You can swipe to see the next abstract in this view as well. Tap the home button to go back to the beginning. Tap on the menu to go to any journal, news item, or topic that you've put in your DocNews. Tap on the menu and then settings to change your email, institution and alerts or to see your accumulated CME credits.

How to earn CME in DocNews: Perform a search in DocNews, select an article, answer two questions about the search you performed and that's it. Submit and receive a CME1 certificate. You can also earn CME2 credits just for using the app. DocNews tracks how much time you spend on the app and articles read which you can use for CME2.


Secret tips

See the table of contents for any journal, news source or topic by tapping on the name of the journal name at the top middle of your screen in any individual journal, news or topic view.

You can tap the star in this table of contents view to add to your reading list also.

Add to your reading list by pressing on an individual abstract in the multiple abstract view

Topics can handle the "or" function, e.g., thasselemia or thasselaemia

If your institution subscribes to DocNews On Campus it will save you clicks between the 5-6 abstract view and the full text when you're on campus. You'll get there instantly if your institution subscribes. If they don't, ask your librarian to do it. There is a very nominal fee associated with doing so.


DocNews has the EZ proxy URL for the following institutions and thus is able to provide full text access for physicians off campus.

Don't see your institution? Ask us to add it.